Established in 1987, Mudra Electronics Ltd. is today a reputed name in the IT industry. Initially set up to market computer peripherals and accessories, the Company has since grown by leaps and bounds.Equipped with a high level of technical expertise, the Company began manufacturing the Analog range of computers in 1989, simultaneously honing its skills in the development of software technology. Mudra soon began blazing new trails in the field of system integration. Indeed, in 1997 Mudra designed and installed some of the largest Networking Solutions in North India..................................................................................................................................................Read More.


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New cloud service offers antivirus alternative
Apptio adds cloud computing templates to its IT financial management suite to help customers show the true total cost of ownership of internal and external IT services.
Cloud computing promises to provide quality IT services at a lower cost and more quickly than perhaps traditional IT delivery methods. But that might not always be the case, according to Apptio, which this week updated its IT cost management software with tools to help enterprise IT managers determine if they should invest in the cloud.
Traffic is then combed for the usual range of malware, attachment and botnet indicators. Admins set up the service using a web console to allow or disallow certain URLs, and access to named social networks, webmail, blog systems and other online applications. Control can be taken as far as the enforcement of specific browsers and versions.
The advantage for IT is that policies can be enforced quite quickly and easily for the one part of the PC population that tends to hit problems, namely laptops and smartphones. Doing this as a service frees them from having to specify and manage an appliance, integrating it into other infrastructure.

IT cost management and the cloud
Security vendor Panda Software has announced a full cloud web security service which it claims frees smaller companies from the need to filter for malware using complicated gateway boxes.
Aimed primarily at laptops used outside a company's offices, but also branch offices, from the point of view of the user Panda Cloud Internet Protectionis about as simple as security comes. There is no security software running on the PC, and the traffic is run through Panda's data centres by pointing the browser at a proxy server.
IT cost management must: Chargeback
Apptio this week added to its hosted IT cost management service the capabilities needed to determine the total cost of cloud. The company included in its Cost Transparency Templates the necessary metrics to calculate how much less - or more - an investment in cloud computing would be compared to other approaches, such as using in-house resources. IT managers hoping to operate as internal service providers could determine the cost of every approach and become transparent to the business, reporting exactly how budget dollars are invested, according to Jeff Day, director of marketing at Apptio.

The Internet has shifted under our feet
The way traffic moves over the Internet has changed radically in the last five years, according to a new report, and few people have realized it.
Arbor Networks measures network performance for its customers, but it has also used its vantage point to look at overall Internet trends. The company found that the bulk of Internet traffic no longer moves across Tier-1 international transit providers. Instead, the traffic is handled directly by large content providers, content delivery networks and consumer networks. That is, it moves directly from one of these edge networks to another, rather than going over a Tier-1 carrier's backbone.
You can probably guess what some of these rising providers are: Google, Microsoft, Facebook. Arbor says there are about 30 of these companies – which Arbor calls “hyper giants” – that generate and consume about 30% of all Internet traffic.
You probably don’t even think of the Internet in these terms. I know that I see the Internet as an extremely diverse place with many, many voices, all with their own Web sites. But the portals or windows that I use to view that world are the same ones that most other people use.

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