Business Messaging Solutions
Research is an ongoing process at Mudra. Our research team conducts research on regular basis on host of business and IT issues. The research helps us to build robust business solutions by employing scientific principles. Built upon the insights gained from the research, Mudra's Business Messaging Solutions offers secure and hassle-free solution for messaging needs.

Ours is a revolutionary system that integrates various robust technologies to provide phone-like reliability for your email communication. The comprehensive solution provides a secure messaging server and increases communication productivity by scanning emails for viruses and blocking spam. The solution is flexible, scalable and at the same time needs no big investment.

The business messaging services covers:

Secure E-mail service
Integrated Antivirus and Antispam
Web access to email
Collaboration features with Outlook plug-in
Real-time messaging
Built-in web server
 Implementing Technologies for more than 2 decades.
 80+ Qualified Manpower at your service.
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 80+ Qualified Manpower at your service.
 In-house Customer Support & Projects Division.
 Downtime of your IT Infrastructure.
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